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  The Group has established a standard Code of Conduct for employees and all employees and new recruits are briefed on the code and are required to acknowledge in writing their acceptance and understanding of the code. Employees are expected to observe the high standards of integrity and honesty.
The key elements of the Code are characterised by:-
a. Fairness, honesty and loyalty supporting all actions.
b. Being aware of and obeying the law.
c. Individually and collectively contributing to the wellbeing of shareholders, customers, the economy and the community and avoiding behaviour which is likely to reflect badly on employees and the Company.
d. “Openness” and “public disclosure” as the test of all actions.
Muda Group employees must ensure that they:-
e. Treat all employees, suppliers, customers and visitors with courtesy and respect.
f. Declare any conflict of interest between their role as an employee of Muda Group and their involvement in outside activity.
g. Are aware of Muda Group’s codes, policies and procedures as set out in the policy manual and that they comply with them.
h. Maintain the highest standard of quality in the provision of services.
i. Always acknowledge other people’s works and ideas.
j. Always put safety first and do their utmost to comply with health and safety requirements.
k. Comply with all environment laws and standards.
Employees must also ensure that they do not:
l. Engage in harassing behaviour towards employees, suppliers, customers or visitors.
m. Discriminate on the basis of irrelevant characteristics, such as sex, race, disability, pregnancy, age, marital status, transgender, or sexual preference.
n. Perpetrate, permit or fail to report violations of any federal, state or local government law and regulations.
o. Use drugs or alcohol on the premises or come to work while affected by either.
p. Use the Internet for personal use, except with express permission of their manager.
q. Use email to send sexually explicit, suggestive, or other harassing material.
r. Use Muda’s information or work time for private gain.
s. Divulge confidential Muda’s information to competitors, suppliers, customers or the media.
t. Misappropriate Muda’s funds or property.
u. Misappropriate funds or property of suppliers or customers.
v. Falsify reports.
w. Breach copyright.
In addition to complying with all the above, managers and supervisors also have the responsibility to execute their managerial and supervisory duties with fairness.
Managers and supervisors must also ensure that they:
x. Promote a team spirit amongst employees through their own behaviour.
y. Maintain confidentiality when conducting investigations into employee grievances.
z. Avoid bias in decision making
aa. Do not accept bribes, gifts or benefits
bb. Ensure compliance with Muda’s procedures when counselling and disciplining employees