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We pioneered the paper milling and packaging in Malaysia with our first paper mill in Tasek, Penang in 1964 and our first corrugator plant in Petaling Jaya in 1971. Today, we own one of the largest integrated paper mill and corrugated plants in Malaysia.

We remain committed to focus on customer satisfaction through quality products and customer service, ensuring supply reliability, benchmarking performance, capacity building, prioritising safety and health, enhancing research and development to achieve products for world class standards.

We manufacture high grade industrial brown paper, paper boards, corrugated boxes, multi-wall paper bags, PE laminated paper for industrial and food application, flat, satchel and self-opening-style paper bags for food and non-food retail outlets, paper pallets and honeycomb for packaging and furniture industries, paper-based stationery, trading in imported paper and paper related products for the domestic and export market.

Except for one corrugated box plant in Qingyuan, China, our manufacturing activities are mostly centred in Peninsular Malaysia where we have two factories for paper milling, four factories for making corrugated boxes, a factory for multi-wall paper bags and a factory for PE laminated paper, paper bags and paper-based stationery. We have numerous wastepaper collection centres throughout Peninsular Malaysia. Our plants have been awarded the ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 14001 accreditation.

We take pride in the far reaching impact of our business on the environment as we recycle more than 400,000 metric tons of wastepaper per annum and the number keeps increasing as our business volume grows. The recovery of wastepaper, which requires tremendous effort and resources, is by far the single most important corporate social responsibility activity undertaken by the Group that benefits the environment.

In the protection and conservation of our environment, we have water treatment plants to ensure no harmful discharge to the environment to protect the surrounding areas and by reusing the treated water in our manufacturing processes we help to conserve water.

As we embrace the notion that our business must not be in conflict with the environment in which we operate, we have invested in cogeneration technology in our paper mill to improve on thermal efficiency and reductions in emissions of carbon dioxide.

       Our Mission  
We want to be the market leader in the paper and paper related business.

We are committed to providing superior product quality and services to our customers to ensure total customer satisfaction at all time.

We believe in harnessing the full potential of our human capital through a culture of excellence, innovation and team work. We encourage openness and promote individual development and growth.

We are committed to practicing high standards of corporate ethics in the conduct of our business. We are also commited in safeguarding our environment in the course of our business activities and contribute the well being of our community.

We strive to enhance shareholders value through profit and growth.